Business Network

Domestic Presence

The company has been providing innovative products aimed to deliver better therapeutic solutions. Our specialty focused customer base of Surgeons, Orthopedicians, Gynecologists, Gastroenterologists, Oncologists, Cardiologists, Nephrologists, Paediatricians, Pulmonologist, Urologist, Physicians etc. are serviced through a marketing network of strong field force of 673 personnel comprising of frontline managers as well as various field management cadres.

Ours is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company having pan India presence with a comprehensive network of 18 C&F agents & 1200 Stockists.

Our strong portfolio of businesses, geographies and products provide us the strategic benefits of integration that allow us to perform best in an increasingly competitive market.

The company is highly respected by the medical profession and with best strategies in place we strive to become a force to reckon with in pharmaceutical world.

Global Presence

After ascertaining its credentials in the domestic market, United Biotech starts spreading its wings beyond India with aim to establish a significant presence in the global market.

United Biotech with thrust on becoming the spirit of growth, the company presence in international market grown phenomenally over the years. We have a global presence in over 55 countries through.

We sell and market our products through alliance with local partners and MNC pharmaceutical companies and increasingly through our own in-house sales effort in international market.

We expect to continue to expand our presence in all over the world.

We have a significant global presence with Out-Licensing in various countries —

African Regions

Far East Asia

Latin America

South America

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

South East Asia

Middle East

Gulf Countries

United Biotech is focused on having an established presence in emerging pharmaceutical markets —





In some of the markets we have entered into Technology Transfer agreement on either Profit Sharing / Joint Venture or Royalty based models.

We strived for continued growth and are avidly interested in learning about prospective opportunities in the specialty pharmaceutical markets. We are also open to collaborating to develop the new markets.